The ABCs of Sales

An inside look at sales. For kids and their parents.

All profits go to charity!

For kids. For parents. For sellers of all ages.

Children and parents alike will love following Darcy the Dog as she tries to close a big deal with a key customer. The colorful illustrations, playful tone, and cast of animal characters will keep the whole family engaged. 


After all, it’s never too early to teach ABC: Always. Be. Closing. 

Meet our star seller

Darcy the Dog has a big quota, an unproven product and one demanding customer.  Will she get the deal across the line in time? 

Sales is a team sport

To close the deal, Darcy must try to partner with Pablo the Product Manager.  As the story unfolds, your child will learn how data, honesty and building trust can help seal a deal.

See what's inside

Sell me this pen.

About Us

Glen Roth

Glen has closed complex technology agreements with large customers but is still learning to secure bath and bedtime commitments from his two daughters. When he’s not on video conference calls, Glen spends his time outdoors in Northern California, where he lives. Glen writes (for grown-ups) about technology partnerships at

What People are Saying

“After this book, I love my daddy even more. Sales is great. Daddy is so cool.”




Kenny, age 5

“ABC of Sales changed our lives.  Madison is now closing deals. We even pulled her out of her Mandarin chess classes.”


Pat (parent)

“After reading ABC of Sales our 7 year-old asked for a Salesforce account and dressed as a VP of Sales for Halloween.”


Barb (parent)


Is this an actual book?

Yes, check it out on Amazon

Will my kid enjoy this book? 

Depends … is your child a closer? JK! Yes!  Kids and parents alike will enjoy this book. Kids love the cute animals and the story. Parents love the inside jokes and the chance to read their kids a story they can relate to.  

Will my kid learn how to close a deal from this book? 

Maybe! Probably not. But as they follow the story your child will learn some basic sales concepts – useful for parents struggling to explain what it is that they do at work all day.  

Is this content family-friendly?

Of course. The book is written, illustrated and edited by parents. We focus on creating funny and educational content for parent and kids. 

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